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$149.99 - $675.99/Piece
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$149.99 - $675.99/Piece
1 Piece(Min. Order)
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one of the best filtration company in China who focus on PP pleated filter cartridges ,housing and capsule filters element design and production.
Tanvi have ten years.Pharmaceutical water Filter element Sales experience In China.Tanvi provides profess Hangzhou Tanvi technology co., LTD is mainly engaged in the filter product development, production and

application technology promotion, specialize in liquid and gas filtration. Products in microfiltration, ultrafiltration,

nanofiltration, reverse osmosis technology field. Has been widely used in all kinds of fluid filtration, separation,

purification, products in the laboratory research and development, food and beverage, pharmaceutical, chemical,

electronic, steel smelting and other industries widely used.

Companies rely on national defense scientific research technology and polymer research professional technology,

have many engaged in filter industry, the backbone of the filtering technique. In absorbing foreign advanced

filter production technology and application technology foundation, has a strong technical innovation ability.

Committed to the development of Tanvi set to become the new filter material research and development,

production and application in the integration of hightech enterprises, in order to create a filter industry

important is his goal.

We promise, will use our professional, for clients to provide firstclass design, high quality products and perfect

service. The company will be combined with the needs of users, to all sorts of filter material for performance

analysis, to provide you with the most appropriate filter medium and the most economic products and the

best application technology service. Strive for in the market today, in order to better products and higher

yields, lower power consumption, share and realize the value of each other!